Amazon 's Major Competitors Are Divided

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C. Shawn and Peilan Amazon’s major competitors are divided in two parts. The first part is physical stores such as Walmart or Target. The second area of competition is through the online market eg; EBay and BestBuy. As opposed to Amazon, customers in a physical store could have more comprehensive experience, especially for specific products like clothes and electronic devices. Some customers need to be able to see and try the product themselves before feeling comfortable enough to purchase it. Secondly, although Amazon has two day free shipping for its Amazon Prime, people are required pay a yearly membership fee. People can also choose one day shipping and are charged higher shipping fees. Physical stores still have more advantages than Amazon in this aspect. Customers can directly buy what they want in the store and avoid obnoxious shipping fees. Next, we want to touch on product quality and after-sales service. If customers want to return or exchange products in the physical store, they can talk directly with staff. For Amazon, customers have to email or call to communicate with the seller. They also need time to send back the product which just prolongs the process. Although Amazon has a free return policy, it can still be a complicated process for customers. On another side, physical stores also have weaknesses compared to the online market like Amazon. First, people can shop online anytime and anywhere. With the development of the internet, more

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