Amber That Night-Personal Narrative

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“No thanks, I’m good!” He turns to leave, but realised he might fail on the test. “On second thought, I might stay!” Jackson walks up to the door and steps inside. We head to my room, as soon as we walk in, we settle down and take out our text books. I start writing down some notes on a separate sheet of paper. I check over on his paper to make sure he’s taking notes. “Jackson, what did we have to do first thing today, I wasn’t paying attention.” “I could tell. Well I wasn’t either, so, you’re on your own, just like me. HA!” I try hard to think about what we learned, but all I could think of was Amber that night. I couldn’t stop thinking of her for the rest of the night. I flop on the bed and try to think about the subject. The longer I think, …show more content…

I never seen him with a smile, especially after mom… passed. I couldn’t live with my life anymore. At this point, I just hoped that I can see Amber, she is the only one that brightens up my day, especially after having to go through all of this studying, and punishments and all this stuff that stresses me out. I just really hope I don’t screw this up for myself. I mean I really like her. I can’t focus when I am around her, my heart beats rapidly, I can’t help smiling, and it’s difficult for me to speak around her. I always shake and stutter when I’m nervous. I’m pretty shy, and I say “uhm”, way too much and I start to breathe heavily. Is this what love feels like? I just couldn’t think of a reason, not to think about her. Stuff like “What if she doesn’t like me?” or “What if she’s weirded out by my imperfections” come up all the time. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I go to the bathroom and change-up my clothes. I stook my old clothes back in the bag and rushed to my locker. I entered my combination and put everything for other classes in it. I checked my watch and I saw we had one minute before class starts. My class was on the other side of the school and it usually took 2 minutes to walk. I start to speed walk, but a bit faster so I know I can make it to class but not get in trouble for running through the halls. I see the door of the classroom, 10 seconds before that door closes. I check for any teachers, no one within sight. I start to run. I make it to the door, coming face to face with the teacher, although I wasn’t late, but my teacher hated it when we looked her in the eyes. I walked over to my chair and slumped down on it. I was already having a bad day, and I already knew the quiz was going to make it worse. I take out a pencil and wait patiently for the teacher to pass out the papers. I receive the test and scan all the questions. To my surprise, I already knew the answers

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