Amebicides, Antibiotics and Antivirals (+definitions of well known diseases)

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What they are?

Amebicides are agents that destroy amebae infections, especially those that cause amebiasis.

Antibiotics are a treatment that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria.

Antivirals are agents that stop the growth and reproduction of viruses.

What diseases they treat?

Amebicides treat a disease called amebiasis; amebiasis is an intestinal illness that is commonly caught when someone eats or drinks something that is contaminated with a very small microscopic parasite called _Entamoeba histolytica_. The parasite is something called an amoeba, what this means is that it is a single-celled organism, and that is how the name came along.

Antibiotics can be used
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Because of this the CD4 count can fall quickly. Your immune system will respond in a way that will begin to bring the level of viruses in your body back down to a level called a viral set point, which is a stable level of viruses that the body can cope with. Your CD4 count begins to increase in this time but may not return to the previous amount before the virus invasion.

Clinical Latency: The disease then moves into a stage called clinical latency. This period is sometimes known as asymptomatic HIV infection or chronic HIV infection. During this phase, HIV reproduces at very low levels, but it is still active.. You may not have symptoms or infections at this stage_._ This period can last up to 8 years or longer. Some people go through this stage faster than others. And spreading of HIV is possible during this phase. In the middle and end of this stage, the viral level begins to rise and your CD4 cell count begins to drop. As this happens, symptoms of the diseases begin to occur as the virus levels increase in your body.

AIDS: As the number of your CD4 cells begins to fall below 200 cells per cubic millimetre of blood, you will be diagnosed as having AIDS. (Normal CD4 counts are between 500 and 1,600 cells/mm3.) This is the stage of infection that happens when your immune system is badly damaged and you become vulnerable to other infections. Without treatment,

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