Amelia Reiser Biography

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Amelia Reiser is one of my best friends and I have known her since I was four and she was three. The Reisers normally live right outside of Philadelphia, but they have a farmhouse behind my house. We would play together as children, but we grew into our friendship, we were not close for a long time. Amelia was a happy-go-lucky child and was very energetic. I was a more serious child and would rather read a book then run around outside. It took awhile to mature and achieve a balance that both of us were happy with, but by the time I entered middle school we were very close, despite the distance. We would spend summers together usually at the farmhouse and she would also come up for weekends during the year. Amelia is short like me, and has…show more content…
She has been around for as long as I can remember and we remain close. Our relationship also serves as a reminder that people change and are in constant state of flux. We truly did not get along for the first several years, but her presence remained constant. She has always been there for me. We text every once and awhile when we have important or exciting news but otherwise we spend a lot of time catching up with each other, but it works for us. She has helped me form opinions and my own world view. Amelia pushes me to try new things, and I ground her veto her more outrageous ideas. She also represents for me a different version of intelligence. She isn’t as academically inclined as me, but she loves sports and is very extroverted. She is people person and it makes her easy to get along with, and that in combination with our long shared history means that she and I have a special way of communicating. With few words we can convey an entire spectrum of emotions and we understand each other perfectly. Our lives are also very different, we are almost a window into a different version of life for each other. She talks about parties and sports and her constant interactions with friends and other people, and I provide logical relationship advice. I will talk about new philosophical theories I have learned about, and what is going on with me, and she will offer a more emotional perspective that I hadn’t considered. We balance each other out in
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