Amendments For The United States

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Scott Poole Dr. Carlson Govt 101 October 19, 2015 Term Paper on Amendments Amendments are what hold this country together and need to be maintained. The social contract makes the assertion that the people give up a few of their freedoms and rights in exchange for protection (Barbour & Wright, 2014). This idea of freedom for the people spread to the new colonies. These new colonies gradually developed into more advanced systems of freedoms and equalities. Initially, the United States had no power in the central government with the Articles of Confederation. This led the U.S. to form the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution establishes a checks and balances system and separation of powers. The constitution is still used to operate under and is a living, breathing document. In this living document are the Bill of Rights, which guarantee civil liberties. The first ten amendments are some of the most important amendments. From freedom of speech and freedom of the press to guaranteeing that the people hold power not given to the states or government, the first 10 amendments are the premise of the nation. The government is ideally set up to support these amendments; however, in recent times, some amendments may seem unsupported by the government. The first amendment has been imposed upon in more recent times with things such as free speech zones in colleges and laws such as the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 (H.R 347). The Federal Restricted

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