America Afire, Jefferson, Adams And The First Contested Election

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Introduction America Afire, Jefferson, Adams and the First Contested Election were written by Bernard A. Weisberger. In 2000 Bernard wrote this book telling history on how since our Independence Day the US have been fighting and debating on power acts and freedom. Political party domination, power, betrayal and greed along with crucial disagreements are what he discusses. With all the different personalities, motives, and political opinions the birth of a new nation was not going to be smooth sailing. Former allies Adams and Jefferson, president versus vice president, Federalist versus Republican, squared off in a vicious contest that resulted in broken friendships, scandals, riots, and slander in the fourth presidential election under…show more content…
Researched and eminently readable, America Afire tells the tale of a watershed event in American history and lends a valuable new perspective on the early years of the United States, as well as the genesis and nature of our political system.The way he put these factorial stories together are well organized. He uses chapters, paragraph headings and subheadings. Throughout the book Weisberger does not use “I think” or “my opinion”. It is simply the things that he found to be the actual events. Sources He thought of his sources to be the appropriate. His sources are reliable, but he relies too much on University Presses. He also uses Historical statistics that you wouldn’t know if the stories are really accurate. It was interesting how used Psalms: 24 and made the Bible as a source. The way he synthesizes cites and transitions them smoothly is outstanding. Bernard uses a lot of different first and secondary sources. He used some heartwarming touches like when Washington was elected president, he left Mount Vernon bidding his farewell "From an aching heart" to his affectionate friends and kind neighbors Secondary Sources During the First two elections political interactions at that time did not seem so dramatic. George Washington didn 't want to handle the stress as he gave Good Luck to the others. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams created the first contested election. 1800 was the introduction of political down play and low blows for
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