America, Can We Survive Without Illegal Immigrants? Essay

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America, Can We Survive Without Illegal Immigrants? In a country founded by immigrants and open for immigrants who seek freedom, protection from persecution or violence, today we struggle to accept that illegal immigrants who strive to provide a fulfilling life for themselves and their families are turned away and often deported back to their country. The question to ask is without the illegal immigrants here in America, can our economy truly survive without them? The answer quite simply is no, solely on the issues that our economy is based off the work of illegal immigrants, there is always discussion of the long delayed legislation of the Dream Act in regarding the rights of illegal immigrants and the few rights that they have. California is one of the largest agricultural centers of the world, has many farms with different crops that feeds more than half of the United States. When it comes down to the labor on these farms, looking closely we find that the people on these farms are illegal immigrants who are picking and packing all the fruits and vegetables that are sold in the supermarkets. In a New York Times article written by Dean Murphy, back in 2004, in California alone, there is an, estimated 8 million to 10 million illegal immigrants. The supply and demand that farmers have to meet here in the United States is higher than anywhere else in the world, and without the access to skilled workers that happen to be illegal immigrants, farmers would lose out on

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