America Has Been Faced With The Growing Obesity Epidemic.

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America has been faced with the growing obesity epidemic. This is becoming very wide spread among all races and class levels due in part to the abundance of inexpensive food available and how easily people are becoming persuaded to but things they do not need. David Zinczenko published article “Don’t Blame the Eater”, Zinczenko argues that fast-food industries are not doing their job to provide clear enough nutritional information for hazardous food. The title of Zinczenko’s article, “Don’t Blame the Eater” really catches the reader’s attention and makes the reader feel defensive because they are the eater so it becomes a bit personal. I personally liked it because it gave a sense of “it’s not my fault “but also made me ask the question…show more content…
In the other article, “The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate,” Marion Nestle claims that supermarket companies control people to buy goods by using some surprised strategies. I as the reader disagree and think the writers claim is weak because even though supermarkets are created in a way to persuade people to buy certain foods, one is more in control of what one needs to buy due to time and having an idea of what they need and came to the supermarket to buy in the first place. In other words, one goes to the supermarket with the intention of going to buy something whether it is milk, chicken, etc. So by saying “that supermarket companies control people to buy goods” it is a bit untrue to the reader. In order to provide a solid argument, Zinczenko was able to understand that his opposition believed the reason people were getting fat was due to a lack of personal responsibility rather than fast-food industries being responsible. Following the aftermath of lawsuits involving people suing McDonald’s for his or her own obesity, Zinczenko takes this and likens these lawsuits to, “middle-aged men suing Porsche for making them get speeding tickets”. Zinczenko then goes on to relate to his opposition by stating that he himself used to be one of these “portly fast-food patrons”. This not only allows the reader to see that Zinczenko understands his
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