America Is A Very Diverse World

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America is a very diverse world. There are many different races; American, African-American, Native American to Muslims, Indians, Hispanics, etc. One person can have different beliefs, values and symbols that they accept but others do not. Most of the different types of races travel from their country to the United States of America. Some choose to carry on their beliefs, some decide to try and fit in with the new races or cultures that they are being exposed to. Then there are commercials that are being shown all over the world about a certain country that are living in poverty. For example, Africa and how they lack of food and water. People are being exposed to others who are from outside of their culture and then having commercials …show more content…

She has more respect and is more religious than her sister Bharati, who wants to try and adapt to a new culture that she is exposed to coming to America.
Mira is a legal immigrant, who still holds her Indian citizenship. When Mira came to America besides marrying a groom from her father’s choosing, she married an Indian student, who attends Wayne State University working towards his business administration degree. Thirty-five years living in America, Mira continues to still wear saris. To her, she feels like it is more respectful to her culture. She wants to still continue her cultural traditions. She lives in Detroit and works at a Southfield, Michigan school system and works in preschool education. She later hopes that after she retires she can return back to India. Bharati, on the other hand, came to the United States and felt the need to try and fit in with the American culture. Besides marrying a man of her father’s choice or inside of her Indian culture, she ends up getting married to an American-Canadian man. She lived with her husband in his homeland, Canada, for 20 years. Bharati says “I was prepared for (and even welcomed) the emotional strain that came with marrying outside my ethnic community.” (Mukherjee 5). Bharati opened up more to the American culture and its beliefs. She believes being married to an American and living in America that she should try and adapt to the new cultural setting. Has she says in the story, “I need to feel like a

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