America Needs the Stop-loss Program Essay

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America Needs the Stop-loss Program

The scary reality of the war on Iraq is something all Americans face today, the reality being, what happens if we do not have enough soldiers to continue all of the projects that the United States have already started. Does America have enough troops for what they are doing? Can America afford to tell people when they leave the military, thanks and we wish the best for you with civilian life, or should they be fighting to keep them as long as possible? America spend the money to keep the soldiers employed and across the waters to keep the promises made to make Iraq a democratic country? America needs to continue their fight, even if it means to maintain solders longer then they once …show more content…

The “stop-loss program” also gives the military the power to keep soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan (or any country there is a conflict going on in) for up to 24 months after their previously scheduled release date. If your troop is going to be shipped off, then you are lucky enough to go with them, until they are sent back.

The War on Iraq started on March 19, 2003 in order to give the Iraqi people the freedom they need and deserve. The original plan was to stay there for only one year (Thompson, “Stretching”) yet because we have not yet met the original plan, America is still there. Currently the military is attempting to train 200,000 Iraqi troops to take the place of the American soldiers by next August (Thompson, “Need”). That means the military will not be leaving Iraq until after that point, over two years longer than what was originally intended.

Not only are soldiers stationed in Iraq, but also soldiers are stationed in 120 nations around the world, from Mongolia (Thompson, “Need”) to the Southern Peninsula of Korea. The military is stretched beyond its limit, and needs to be able to keep all of these places filled with active duty soldiers. Because of how far it is starched it is very

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