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MGMT 79009 Individual Assignment 2 Winter 2014 Due Date: April 17, 2014 The assignment will be completed on an individual basis. Your submission should be a maximum of 5 pages. Please submit your assignment in PDF format. Use the SLATE drop box to submit your assignment. Please remember to include a bibliography if applicable and to attribute ideas to the proper sources. Altex Background Following World War II, the United States entered into a Cold War with Russia. To win the Cold War, the United States had to develop sophisticated weapons systems with such destructive power that any aggressor knew that the retaliatory capability of the United States could and would inflict vast destruction. Hundreds of millions of…show more content…
Our costs will increase and that 's not going to make the Army happy." Sponsor: "But the Army won 't penalize us for failing to meet cost or for allowing the schedule to slip. If we fail to meet at least 60-70 per cent of the specifications limits: however, then we may well be in trouble. The Army knows there will be a follow-on contract request if we can meet specification limits. I consider 60-70 per cent of the specifications to be the minimum acceptable limits for the Army. The Army want the program kicked off right now. Another important point is that long-term contracts and follow-on production contracts allow us to build a good working relationship with the Army. This is critical. Once we get the initial contract as we did, the Army will always work with us for follow-on efforts. Whoever gets the R&D effort will almost always get the lucrative production contract. Military officers are under pressure to work with us because their careers may be in jeopardy if they have to tell their superiors that millions of dollars were awarded to the wrong defense contractor. From a career standpoint, the military officers are better off allowing us to downgrade the requirements than admitting a mistake was made." PM: "I 'm just a little nervous managing a project that is so optimistic that major advances in the state of
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