America 's End Racial Profiling Act

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A father tells his child to get inside quickly when a black teenager is casually walking with a couple of racially diverse teenagers and the father tells them to “move a little faster thugs” or “keep on walking, no crack or dope here,” emphasizing “dope,” “thugs,” or “crack.” The teenagers hurry from the assertiveness of the father’s voice. This is just one example of a stereotypical racial profiling situation, defined as prohibiting the use of race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion in all law enforcement cases. U.S. Senate bill (S. 1670), the “End Racial Profiling Act” (ERPA) would prohibit any cultural definition of a person to be used as a justification for an arrest. It also provides training for this particular issue and “requires data collection by local and state law enforcement agencies” (Cardin 2). NSA spying? Thank you Edward Snowden. Next it would have its own budget, to increase the national debt. Following that, the government agency has to introduce anti-racial profiling policy and throw out previous pro-racial policy. After that, the Justice Department shells out more taxpayers’ hard, earned money in grants to develop policy to disparage the issue. Finally, the Attorney General would be required to access any discriminatory cases and pay for any damages that might befall victims. The passage of this bill would inflict harm on the safety of U.S. citizens by damaging the effectiveness of law enforcement investigation and encourages terrorism by
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