America 's Treatment Of The Elderly

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There is a perceived notion that Eastern societies view aging in a positive aspect, while Western societies view aging in a negative light. Although there is much emphasis on respect for elders on the Confucian societies, however, does East Asia’s treatment of the Elderly really differ from North America’s treatment? In the Perceptions of Aging in Two cultures: Korean and American views on Old Age, the authors are able to prove their thesis that through previous studies by Harwood et al that countries such as South Korea, Philippines and Hong-Kong do not necessarily hold positive views on of old age. In this study, to better understand beliefs and perceptions of aging, Koreans were expected to have a greater fear of old people, worry more about their physical appearance, and show greater levels of anxiety over aging more than their American counter parts. Although American women were expected to show more anxiety towards their physical appearance more than their male counterparts. Such perceptions on older people have an effect on the mental, physical and emotional health of elderly people. The many negative stereotypes about seniors affect how seniors see themselves and how society views them. These stereotypes are usually “regarding their physical and cognitive abilities”. Although these stereotypes may seem harmless, they hold serious ramifications to which affects the elderly participation in activities which may improve their physical or cognitive abilities. These

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