American Born Chinese Character Analysis

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In Gene Luen Yang's graphic novel “American Born Chinese”, the Monkey King and Jin, the two main characters in the novel; where Jin's life is a reflection of the Monkey King's story through their desires to fit in with their environment. There are many events with both the Monkey King and Jin where they each do very similar things like changing how they look (etc.). American Born Chinese is a good representation of the struggle of trying to fit in, not just for Chinese people, but everyone.

For the Monkey King having a sense of belonging grew throughout the novel after he was rejected from a dinner party due to the fact that he was a monkey. An example of this would be the picture of the monkeys on page 55.
In this picture it shows the monkeys in the
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A quote that exemplifies this is “You know, Jin I would have saved myself from five hundred year’ imprisonment beneath a mountain of rock had I only realized how good it is to be a monkey.”(223) I think in this quote the Monkey King is saying that he could have saved himself from five hundred years of imprisonment by realizing being himself, a monkey, is good. This means that he wishes he was content with himself and that he didn't try to change himself, but by doing that he learned the hard way that it's best to be you. Monkey King spent a lot of time trying to change who he was and who all the monkeys on the mountain were.

As well as the monkey king, Jin also struggles with suppressing who he truly is. An example of this is a quote from the herbalists wife “Now what would you like to become?” (194)

On this page there is also a picture of Jin turning into Danny. I gathered that Jin was Danny all along and couldn't come to terms with it; therefore he resorted to hiding who he really was. After Jin transformed into Danny I think that was when Jin felt that he was free, although we was
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