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How has the United Kingdom Influenced American Culture
Luis Padilla
Los Angeles Film School
Professor Soto They say that the United States of America is “The Great Melting Pot,” a place where no matter what their culture or country of origin they are accepted. Contrary to common belief, America in actuality is not a melting pot in fact, America is more like a huge salad bowl. This implies that even after coming into this country you hold on to your culture. You don’t take on the characteristics of the new culture or society; it is a mixture of a lot of different thing but you can still tell the apart in the salad. It is composed by many different people from almost every place around the world. For example, many ingredients create one dish as many Americans create the United States. British being one of this country many influences, England has had a huge impact on the states. Without Britain’s influence we wouldn’t …show more content…

However, music was not one of those things. Now music is one of the biggest influences the states have. We have seen many great bands that started in the UK. The most popular to this date are The Beatles. The Beatles had a profound effect on American music and culture. For example, they made long hair acceptable and desirable during their time, in the states every teenage boy wanted “Beatle-hair” even down to the collarless jackets and boots. Each new Beatles album was an event, the group inspired countless other musicians and bands to push their own musical boundaries. A great example of how they influenced music is with the song “Yesterday”. The song itself is one of the most recorded song in history with more than 2,200 cover version to date. Much like earlier years, there is a new wave of British stars. Artists like One Direction, The Wanted, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran and many others that we will continue to

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