American Diet Of Animal Based Products Has Detrimental Effects On The Well Being Of Humans Animals

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Throughout American society, there is a divide between the ideologies of vegetarians and non-vegetarians as it is proven that the average American diet of animal based products has had detrimental effects on the well-being of both humans and animals. Humans can live a maximum of 21 days without food in their stomach, therefore supermarkets provide access for individuals to obtain food without going to the nearest farm. The vast aisles of supermarkets are lined with food ranging from vegetables to meat in order to fit the wants of all individuals in terms of their food decisions. However, Americans should become increasingly aware with their food choices. Certain foods contain large quantities of chemicals, which is problematic, as global …show more content…

Individuals including Chris Kresser, an economist and environmentalist in North Carolina, argues the data is not related to current times; however, there is a correlation between the 2010 results and the present day. Further, Vegan Outreach, a nonprofit organization, which publishes non-discriminatory information in hope to create a larger vegan population, concludes out of 90% of greenhouse gases emitted, American livestock is responsible for 18% of total emissions, and two-thirds of the anthropogenic ammonia emissions (“Environmental Destruction”). These studies proclaim why environmentalists hope to regulate the meatpacking industry; as corporate farmers lose money since the livestock consume grains primarily grown for humans.Therefore, farmers need to cultivate twice the amount of crops daily doubling greenhouse gas emissions, which deplete the atmosphere 's ozone layer. A further study conducted in 2006, by Princeton University in correlation with Peta, a nonprofit organization which used yellow journalism to aim directly at exposing animal cruelty, showed a vegetarian diet can dramatically decrease the rate in which nitrogen is released into the air. However, in opposition, Peter Dockrill, award-winning writer for Sciencealert, known as a predatory journal aiming at engaging the corresponding audience with literary techniques,

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