American Dream Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay: Can the American Dream Be Achieved? In the past, the American dream was a destined form of living. Today, however, the American dream is what it sounds like, a dream. The American dream is "...based on the belief that hardworking citizens can better their lives..." so they can, " their monthly bills..." and, "...give their children a start to an even better life..."(64). However, the cost of everyday items and taxes puts a restriction on the 'American Dream'. The American Dream is not still accessible because those who work more than one jobs can sometimes achieve it, and those who spend their whole income can sometimes reach it, but because the focus has shifted to monetary value, it may not be accessible to all. The American Dream is or is not accessible to all because of the increasing prices of everyday items that are necessary for sustaining life, and the increasing tax payments and healthcare bills. Most working Americans stay in the same job for the majority of their working career, in order to receive a reward from the cooperation/industry they work for after they retire. However, this is not always the case. In the article, "Is the American Dream Still Possible?", it is stated that, " 'It used to be that if you stayed with your job, you would be rewarded'…'Now there is no guarantee.' " says Cherie Morris, a former flight attendant for TWA (Wallenchinsky 66). Morris worked for the American company for almost 30 years, but now works for a

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