Argumentative Essay On The American Dream

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Argumentative Essay: The American Dream What is the American Dream? For most, it can be summed up in three words: comfort, happiness, and future. It is the term used to describe the 'perfect' lifestyle that most American citizens and immigrants wish to achieve: a loving family, stable financial status, and the opportunity to save for their family's future. It is described as "the belief that hardworking Americans" can live comfortable lives and provide for their children's future "and still save enough to live comfortably after they retire" (Wallechinsky 64). Rising costs of living (including healthcare and insurance costs), an unstable job market, and skyrocketing prices of higher education are making the ideal lifestyle look a lot less achievable. The ideal American life is not still accessible because those who come from a privileged life or are able to get a high-wage job can achieve it, but because of the change in the economy and job market, it may not be accessible to all. The American Dream is not accessible to all because of higher costs of living and a struggling economy. "[Many] average Americans are struggling – squeezed by rising costs, declining wages, credit card debt, and diminished benefits" (Wallechinsky 64). Not everyone is able to lead a comfortable life, and therefore, there is an increasing lack of accessibility of the perfect life. Many Americans claim that "they’ve experienced either increased health-care costs...and ...have had cuts in their

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