American Dream Essay

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All around the world the United States of America is viewed as a place of freedom and equal opportunity for all people who settle in the country. Immigrants, especially from second or third world countries, view America as a chance for them to start over and a live the lavish lifestyles they are accustomed to hearing. However, this belief that everyone in the United States lives how they want to and has equal opportunity is false. Immigrants from countries all over the world face many different issues as they settle in the United States. Although these problems may vary, the message is the same; the American dream is a lot more difficult to achieve than previously thought. Although every immigrant is different in the problems …show more content…

Since immigrants enter this country every day in search of a new life there is a constant fear that you employer is going to find a replacement for your job if you fail to excel at it. In the Book, Of Beetles and Angels by Selamawi Asgedom, Mawi’s father Haileab finds a job as a janitor, but after his health starts to fail him he loses his job. As time went on Mawi went onto describe how his father was deteriorating. He described how, “his eyesight departed slowly, and his work error multiplied – a lost key here, an unlocked door there – until his employers had no choice”( Asgedom 96). As a result of Haileab eyesight beginning to decrease he was let go from his only job; therefore, he could no longer support his family. Since Haileab was the only one in the family working at the time there was no source of income for the family. As a result, the family was forced to give up their home because they could not make their rent payment. Unfortunately, it is very common for immigrants struggle to sustain a job. Many immigrants, especially from third world countries, face this issue due to their low skill and education levels. In most cases immigrants rely on the job they have just to get by. Money is necessary to allow people to live the American dream and since so many immigrants cannot sustain a job there can’t fund success and

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