The American Dream Essay

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When I think about my future the image of the american dream comes to mind. A large beautiful white house ranch in the city of Moreno Valley. I will have went through school and successfully became a Physician assistant. Many don't make it that far because it is just too hard! And no one is there to push them on. My parents were my supporters, their lifestyle and words of wisdom pushed me to reach greater things, More than my parents had the opportunity to. My parents were married at a very young age and dropped out of highschool. They didn't have much to give us,When I was younger I have always wanted everything because I have seen other little girls with playhouses and Dolls. They had all these beautiful dresses with glitter and flowers. Sadly my parents couldn't afford to buy me those little things because of the things we were going through at the moment. About the time I was 4 years old my family was homeless for a period of time, all we had was a car to live in which had four seats and five people in the car. The weather those nights were horrible,The winds rocking the little car back and forth, windows ice cold and with limited blankets we had to share. I hated it with all my life, I wanted to live in a house with a bed. I didn't want to be struggling anymore but it wasn't my fault. Just the choices my parents made of not going to college when they were young but who am I to judge them. I want better for my children and help out my parents for all they've done for

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