American Economy After Civil War

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The transformation of the American economy after the Civil War consisted of numerous factors. The economy rose with the help of technological innovations, new business methods, government interventions, new industries, different leaders, and enough raw materials to provide some industries free of cost. Before the Civil War, the North’s industrial economy was booming, as opposed to the South’s economy which was based on agriculture. Fallowing the Civil War, the 13th Amendment passed which ended slavery but also created complications in the South’s major work force. President Johnson’s plan for reconstruction favored most Southern whites and put African Americans at a disadvantage. Many emigrated to the North, and others worked as sharecroppers. Sharecropping gave Southern white planters a big advantage over former slaves with its new form of labor but it ultimately helped them recovered from the war. Agriculture flourished in the South once again, and it expanded to the west. …show more content…

The construction of the railroads helped various companies grow and create wealth but not without the help of the government. Big business benefited from protective tariffs, grants of lands, and abundant natural resources. Although this governmental intervention contradicts the philosophy of laissez-faire; there was little opposition from the companies aside from trying to regulate their businesses. They were very pleased when the government interfered on their behalf. The railroad helped create new markets in the west like farming, mining, and cattle were among the western industries that had the greatest impact. With more immigration to the west the animosity grew between new settlers and Native Americans. The government tried to interfere by passing different Acts but

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