American Fur Trade

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There are a plethora of news sites, organizations, and establishments, all within the American fur trade, that enjoy deceiving the general public with claims of a humane and safe fur trade. While these claims seem to hold credibility, they fall flat once challenged with heavy evidence of cruelty and peril. The fur trade should be outright banned from the United States as it excludes humane methods of euthanasia, utilizes wretched methods of confinement, and as it acts as an extreme health hazard. Trappers, farmers, retail stores, and any individual who accommodates this cruelty, fails to take into consideration the lives of millions of animals, as well as their own health.
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This deception begins with the fact that the American fur trade is not one that holds its innocent animals with respect, as they are butchered by the thousands and are subject to wretchedly inhumane methods of confinement. Animals farmed for their fur are imprisoned in cages for the remainder of their life, forced to endure intensive confinement. As a matter of fact, eighty-five percent of the fur industry‘s skins come from animals that are held captive on fur factory farms, where they are crammed into severely crowded, filthy wire cages. Foxes, minks, and ferrets, are an example of this as they spend the rest of their lives stacked on top of one another in barren cages with nothing beneath their feet, save wire mesh. Those at the top of the stacks are considerably more fortunate as they are not subject to feces and water falling into their food, from the animals imprisoned above. These unfit conditions evoke self-mutilation, sickness, infection, and cannibalism. In turn, premature death is severely rampant amongst fur farms and the fur trade in general. . In support, wildlife biologist, Mark Pimlott, states that animals held in captivity will suffer high mortality in the first few weeks of confinement. Unfortunately, captive animals are susceptible to even more pain as death …show more content…

Because of the fact that fur sheared from a dead animal will rot, manufacturers fight off decay through the application of a slew of chemicals that are designed to prevent decomposition. The main processing chemicals used are formaldehyde and chromium which are both linked to cancers, such as leukemia. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, in the United States, has “previously fined six fur processing plants for causing high levels of pollution and for using solvents in fur dressing that “may cause respiratory problems…” (Hoskins, Tansy. "Is the Fur Trade Sustainable?" The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 29 Oct. 2013. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.). Even more unacceptable is the fact that fur production is unregulated. This leads to the incorrect labeling of fur clothing which essentially leaves consumers ignorant about the severe chemicals that are exposed. This horrid fashion statement not only threatens animals, even those that existed in tremendous numbers, with extinction, but also threatens consumers with respiratory issues and cancer. Essentially, both humans and animals encounter ultimate death as it has been found that fur clothing contains carcinogens, which is any substance that is directly involved in causing cancer. Altogether, it is more than apparent that the hazardous fur trade causes a greater amount of harm than good.

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