American History And Its Current Setting

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Race is a central theme in American history and its current setting. Charting back to the 17th century when slavery was introduced to the States, it provided the foundation for wealth and expansion. The racial disparity also provides support for the class system and economic disparity that still exist today. When some used the term racist or racism, the denotation suggest that they are talking on an individual level. The Oxford dictionary regards racism as an individual hate and discrimination against another race. But what about the bigger picture? Is society ignoring the systematic and power relationship racism actually stems from? The first print of the term racism was recorded in Oxford Dictionary in 1902 by Richard Henry Pratt (Demby, “The Ugly, Fascinating History Of The Word 'Racism”). Pratt once made a statement about the disastrous effects of racial segregation has but is often remembered for his less than accepting “Kill the Indian in him, and save the man”. Pratt has some complex and contradicting views which partly influenced the use of the word. Being a racist is seen as a fairytale villain. Only someone with radical and monstrous world views, only someone who is a nonperson could be a racist. Racism is partially a taboo topic. I say partially taboo because there are those who are willing to openly discuss race and racism but almost half (49%) of white Americans do not see unfair treatments specifically toward black Americans (Tankersley, Craighill, Clement,

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