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Kayla Barrett Survey of American History 2 American Imperialism 21316 American imperialism is the economic, military and cultural influence of the United States on other countries. In 1889 the prominent Massachusetts Congressman Henry Cabot Lodge observed that we had relations with foreign nations today fill but a slight place in American politics, and generally only a languid excite interest.” The Americans gave scant attention to the world affairs after the Civil War. Instead focused their energies on the domestic concerns associated with industrial development and settling of the western frontier. The presidents and the Congress steadfastly refused to entangle the nation in foreign crises and controversies. During 1890s, This period of “ …show more content…

McKinley used the report as an excuse to send the Spanish government and accept American efforts to mediate the dispute and allow for Cuban independence or risk war. When the spanish refused, McKinley succumbed to the public to pressure and asked for the declaration of war. The “splendid little war” against Spain as Republican John Hay called it, and it only lasted for 113 days. During the summer of 1898, American forces defeated the Spanish army and navy, and on August 12, Spanish official signed the preliminary peace treaty. 5,500 Americans had died in the war of 1898, but only 379 of them were killed in battle. The rest fell victim to a variety of accidents and diseases: like yellow fever, malaria, and typhoid. The United States officially declared war against Spain on the behalf of Cuban struggle for independence, American took control of Puerto Rico. The Philippine Islands, Guam and wake Islands completed the annexation of Hawaii, and then established the protectorate over Cuba. The United States “acquired” the right to build the internal affairs of central American nations, and undertook a major diplomatic initiative in Asia known as the Open Door Policy. By 1900 the United States had become a …show more content…

Hence yellow journalism was born when two competing New York newspapers fought over the rival version of this cartoon. A reporter claimed that when Cubans were slaughtered they were fed to dogs and that children of highranking Spanish families used ears from the dead Cubans as playthings. Pulitzer’s told the American government to end the fight in Cuba. The present revolution is the successor of other similar insurrections which occurred in Cuba against the dominion of Spain, Extending over a period of nearly half a century, which during the progress the United States to great effort and expense in enforcing its laws and losses to American trade and among our citizens and uncivilized practices of warfare. The war in cuba is such a nature that a final military victory for either side seems impracticable. The spirit of all our acts has been an earnest unselfish desire for peace and prosperity in Cuba, untarnished by the differences between us and Spain and unstained by the blood of American citizens. The United States as a neutral to stop the war. We owe it to our citizens in Cuba to afford them the protection

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