American Individualism and How It Has Envolved Essay

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Think back to the 1800’s when slavery existed. The owners of the slaves treated them like animals. The slaves were just doing what they were told to do or else they knew that there would be punishment. They could not really show who they really were. If they were funny, shy, or maybe even artistic. No one got to see the real side of the slaves. As the years went on society really started establishing individualism more and more.
People in American society have their own views about individualism in our country. They choose who they are and what they want to become in the future. Because of this, there are some pros to American Individualism. For example, Edgar Allen Poe was a poet who expresses how he felt within his poetry. His poetry …show more content…

Yes, this is an option to have once you die but who really knows if someone will invent the technology to bring you back to life. Could you really trust someone to freeze you and then bring you back as the same person you were before died? “He believed like a lot of people do that in the future we’re going to have dramatically better medical technology. The question is how do you get them from here to there, and cryonics is kind of an ambulance to the future.” says the son of David Ettinger (Bob Woodruff) This is a con to Individualism because once you are gone your body should just be gone but your soul could still possibly remain. This has to do with collectivism because it affects the people in your life and gives them some kind of hope with you coming back to life and it possibly could not happen.
An “ideal American citizen would be to let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it (Thoreau 371). Everyone should have to same amount of respect for every individual out there. The first thing that people do when they see you is judge you no matter what you look like, what you are wearing, or how you talk. They notice right away and judge. A trait an ideal American citizen should have is not to judge no matter who it is. As a result of being judged this is why people have such low self confidence, especially teenage

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