American Exceptionalism: American Constitutional Convention In 1787

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1. What is the meaning of the term “American Exceptionalism”? American Exceptionalism explained by David Barton is the longevity of the American U.S. Constitution compared to other nations form of government. America has had an exceptional record of accomplishment of stability because it has not gone through a Revolution over the pass 20-30 years. Alexis DeTocqueville created the term American Exceptionalism. DeTocqueville observation of America lead him to believe that America is an exceptional democratic type of people.

2. What problems faced the American Constitutional Convention in 1787? The American Constitutional Convention of 1787 consisted of the 13 states represented by the 13 delegates each state. The delegates came to the Convention with their own ideas on how to fix the nation. Each delegate in the Convention had diverse types of beliefs and ideas that fueled conflict; therefore, the convention can to a hauling stand still due to the unwillingness to compromise.

3. How did Benjamin Franklin suggest that those problems could be solved? Benjamin Franklin suggested to President Gorge Washington due to the flawless of everyone, the progress they made in the last five weeks has been minimal. He also points out that by examining other nation’s Constructions what they had in place did not fit the circumstances Americans were facing. Franklin suggested they seek the guidance of the Father so he can illuminate their understanding; therefore, he suggested they

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