Essay about American Intervention: Prisons in the United States

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America does a lot to help countries in need, however we could use some outside help of our own concerning our prisons. First, we could use help with overcrowding. Next, minor flaws in our justice system that contribute to overcrowding. Finally, the condition of some of our prisons don’t make them seem like they are not prisons at all.
In the United States, prison overcrowding is caused by many issues. These include not enough room in prisons, increasing crime rates, and changes in the justice system’s laws. Causes of prison overcrowding may include: double-celling, prisoner misconduct, and psychological problems. By examining prison crowding, it is a problem but it is not known whether or not it will affect inmates. However, there should be some other sources on how to improve overcrowding conditions.
Researchers have found that some of these causes of prison overcrowding are penalties for criminal activities and changes to laws that make more things illegal and increase crime rates. The penal system needs improvements, but not much can be done at this point in time. In 2013, Paul Waldman reports in this chart that at the end 2011, the number of prisoners per 100,00 population increased by two-thirds between the early nineties and 2008:

(chart 1, 2013).

In fact, as of right now United States is number one for the most imprisonments in every year. What other countries can do to help the United States is transport prisoners to ally countries so there can be…