Essay about American Intervention: Prisons in the United States

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America does a lot to help countries in need, however we could use some outside help of our own concerning our prisons. First, we could use help with overcrowding. Next, minor flaws in our justice system that contribute to overcrowding. Finally, the condition of some of our prisons don’t make them seem like they are not prisons at all. In the United States, prison overcrowding is caused by many issues. These include not enough room in prisons, increasing crime rates, and changes in the justice system’s laws. Causes of prison overcrowding may include: double-celling, prisoner misconduct, and psychological problems. By examining prison crowding, it is a problem but it is not known whether or not it will affect inmates. However, there …show more content…

In an article by Stephen Lemons, alleged Briseria Torres, was here in the United States illegally and how Torres was not her real name. Torres was accused for three counts of forgery, “in part because her driver’s license have her real name on it...following her arrest, she was held without bond in Estrella Jail for four and a half months” (Lemons, 2012). Because of the “tough on crime” system, allows the justice system to narrow its use of disposition and toughen administrative policies and procedures for sentencing. If other countries took in our prisoners, it would also alleviate the load on the prisons, and may even deter criminals, as they may not want to be sent to another country. The conditions of some of our prisons make it seem like they are are not prisons at all. If I were a homeless person in need of shelter in the winter, or maybe a few square meals, I might commit a petty crime just to be sheltered and fed for a few days. According to Sara Ferguson, with being a humane and high security facility, comes better prisoner treatment. while prisons are more secure, the idea is the updated treatment for prisoners, “When a person goes to prison they can look forward to three healthy meals a day, weight rooms, tennis courts, baseball, a retail store, television, movies, internet access, mail, and a host of other privileges which a lot of Americans outside prison may never have access.” (Ferguson, 2007). If other countries help the United

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