American Legends : The Life Of Aaron Burr

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Bradley Staudt
American Civilization I

Book chosen: American Legends: The Life of Aaron Burr
By: Charles River Editors

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A biography of Aaron Burr
When one thinks about the founding fathers of America, one thinks of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, etc. These men contributed to the creation of the America we know today. One also thinks about Paul Revere, and his famous saying: “The British are coming!” However, one man is forgotten by many young people who are required study the American Revolution. This man is known as Aaron Burr. His subject brings up a rather negative and obscure argument. People think of him as a traitor, murderer and double crosser. This is because when Aaron Burr is brought up in conversation, his most significant action is discussed: the duel with Alexander Hamilton. Where Burr shot and killed him. However, Burr had an interesting life and contributed greatly to the American revolution. And although Burr murdered one of his fellow Americans, which was an unforgivable crime,

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