American Militia Success During The American Revolution

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Joe Taglienti
Senior Seminar
The American Militia Success during the American Revolution
The American Revolution marked the beginning of a new era for America, independence from Great Britain. The greatest military power in the world at the time had lost control of one of her most wealthy and rewarding colonies. However, a question arises to who won the war for the colonies? George Washington was the leader of the Continental Army during the war and was mildly successful. However it was in fact the brave and fearless efforts of the militia to rise to the occasion and fight alongside Continental troops, so brilliantly that George Washington proclaimed after the victory at Princeton:
I have placed so much confidence in the spirit and zeal of the Associated Troops of Pennsylvania, that I cannot persuade myself an impatience to return home, or a less honorable motive, will defeat my well-grounded expectation, that they will do their country essential service, at this critical time, when the powers of despotism are all combined against it, and ready to strike their most decisive stroke.
This would not be the only time the Continental Army commander would thank the militia and serves as a spotlight as to how The American Militia were key contributors both militarily and socially to the Revolutionary War; from providing support and reinforcements on the battlefield to protecting against slave revolts in the local towns; the militia were the backbone of the war

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