The Battle Of Long Island Essay

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The Battle of Long Island The American Revolutionary War took place from 1775 to 1783. The war made the thirteen colonies of the United States of America independent from Great Britain. One of the first major battles of the American Revolution was The Battle of Long Island. The Battle of Long Island was the first battle that took place after the United States declared its independence on July 4, 1776. The battle took place in August 1776 and proved to both sides that the upcoming war would be long and arduous, not easily won by either side. The British Army was victorious in this battle and forced the Continental Army to retreat leaving the entire state of New York under British control. This paper will provide insight and valuable information into the reason behind the American Revolution, and The Battle of Long Island, specifically details concerning the Continental and British Armies, strategies employed during the battle, and an alternate outcome through addressing failures in the American strategy. An alternate outcome to the battle would have a significant impact on the American Revolutionary War.
The American Revolution The American Revolution began because of the resistance of many Americans to pay taxes to the British government. Many Americans felt these taxes were unjust. This led to eventual boycotts and conflicts with the British government in December 1773. The British closed the port of Boston in retaliation to the Boston Tea Party and took

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