American Pageant Personal Statement

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Despite the shocked, concerned, and altogether flabbergasted look on my friends’ faces when I told them I would enter in my first pageant at fifteen years old, I stuck to my plan and competed amongst the most experienced, poised, and articulate pageant veterans in a statewide event. Even my closest friends could not understand why a shy, quiet girl like me would suddenly want to perform for hundreds of people, and honestly, this whim surprised myself as well. Whether a subdued dream from my childhood of becoming a beloved Miss America reemerged or I simply wanted to prove my confidence to my worried mom, I still do not know; nevertheless, I mustered up enough courage to conduct interviews, deliver an onstage introduction, and showcase poise …show more content…

Through my platform and partnership with this organization, I have been able to raise money to pair brothers and sisters, serve as a mentor myself, and share my testimony as a keynote speaker at several events. Because I am an only child and became a latch-key child at just nine years old, I was always lonely at home waiting for my single mother to return from work. This situation did not help my shyness, and eventually my grandmother suggested that I request a big sister from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization. Not long after, I was matched with my big sister, Angela, and my life was forever changed because she believed in me when I did not believe in myself. Hearing your own mom tell you how amazing you are never seems to have much of an effect, but hearing it from someone outside of your family who genuinely wants the best for you is irreplaceable. Because having a role model greatly impacted the course of my life, I want to provide the opportunity for anyone to have a mentor to develop skills they need. While my quiet disposition followed me for years after I had a mentor, my confidence could not be shaken. Without a positive mentor in my life, I never would have had the bravery to stand on my first stage or even

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