American Prek-12 Education Case Study

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A strategy to radically improve outcomes for American preK-12 education system is to create an ecosystem of cross-agency partnerships to empower youth to recognize and develop their remarkable talent. Essentially, help students discover what they like and what they are great at. Many students leave public education uninformed of their interests and abilities leading to anxiety and uncertainty of career opportunities. Similarly, industries have reported a having an increasingly difficult time finding talented and skilled workers to meet workforce demands. Bridging the talent gap requires connecting the two worlds of education and industry to build their capacities to inspire and expose students to transformative experiences hence improving success across the school to career pathway.

Philanthropy will serve as a community anchor to infuse resources and create an ecosystem of people and organizations committed to developing talent in youth. Advisory committee, composed of interested stakeholders will extend state standards to draft skill crosswalks across all content areas from six major industries: agriculture, civic infrastructure, information technology, health and human services, manufacturing, and transportation. In addition, the committee will promote applied learning …show more content…

This network of support will help bridge the gap between school and real world demands. Educators will create meaningful learning experiences that are tangible, interactive and concrete, and have immediate and realistic connections to various career opportunities. With this planning and support, instruction will be delivered in ways that place students at the center of the learning process which provides them the opportunity to apply what they have learned to grow, develop and expand their unique

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