American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Seventh Anniversary Speech Analysis

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In the Address “On the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Seventh Anniversary” by Barack Obama, people could see the use of descriptive assumptions about the economy of America and the use of renewable energy policies that supports Obama’s Government. Those different assumptions performed are well received by the audience. Or at least those assumptions caused a good reception in the thinking of people respect to the recovery of the economy of America and the innovation in the use of clean energy. Also, it is important to recognize some illogical assumptions in this speech of Obama.
Obama used multiple assumptions from descriptive nature in different parts of his speech to support the work of his government. In order to analyze Obama’s assumptions, people had to check that Obama started using real data to create a feeling of confidence with the audience like “And people here in Florida were especially hard hit -- the unemployment …show more content…

Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, and other countries had better records than America in the leading of clean energy. For example, “Denmark set a new world record for wind production in 2014, getting 39.1 percent of its overall electricity from the clean energy source.”(EcoWacth)
Third assumption, “Clean energy is about unleashing the potential of all these new technologies -- because we can figure some stuff out just about better than anybody else” Saying that America had the best equipment was a fallacy when we saw that a country like Morocco had put all efforts to build the greatest super solar power on the earth. In fact, it would be a fallacy to say that just the best minds were located in the United States nowadays when its levels of education dropped in many different fields compared with other state

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