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Helping Those In Need
Lost in a Tornado
On May 3rd,1999, the weather forecasts in a city located in Oklahoma showed an F5 tornado. Meteorologists had said that the tornado had the strongest winds to ever be recorded. One family that was affected by this had their house ripped to pieces, and they had to take shelter in their neighbor’s basement. Debris rained on top of them from every direction. They struggled to get out of a pit that was covered in pieces of their destroyed home, wood, nails, glass, and crushed cement. A propane tank had been damaged and was now spouting propane into the pit. The family had to throw their two year old son over the edge so he would not be harmed by the dangerous substance. The mother and father struggled
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She created the charity to help people that are living in need. This charity wants to end the suffering of all humans. This charity believes in helping people in need that can’t help themselves at that moment. To reach their goals they raise money, having volunteers, and they constantly search for ways that they can help people. The American Red Cross serves people all around the world that need help. They do not limit the amount of people that they help. It is open to anyone that can’t help themselves or can’t survive by themselves. The people that they help are in natural disasters, dangerous events, and places where there are not very many hospitals. Their mission statement is "The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.” The American Red Cross relies on volunteers and donations in order to keep being operational (The American Red…show more content…
They are also constantly saving the lives of innocent people. They do a sufficient job helping others by raising a lot of money, which 80% of goes directly to helping other people. This organization should continue to help people, because when there is a disaster, people have to rely on them to keep them alive. I think that this organization is very useful, because it allows people who might not be able to help themselves to be helped. If everyone in the world just donated a single dollar, they would raise a total of over 7.125 billion U.S. dollars. I think that it is a great idea to donate money to this charity because they are trustworthy, which makes them deserving of your donations (The American Red Cross). Like the boy with the frog and his family had to seek help from the American Red Cross, you might too one day need help from a natural disaster. If that were to happen, wouldn’t you want to be able to feel confident that you and many others had donated money in order to help
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