American War And The Vietnam War Essay

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In the era between the Second World War and the Vietnam War, national unity in the United States and American patriotism began to disintegrate and morph as the nation progressed from the 1940s through the 1970s. During WWII, the United States military fought a foe that the American public, and the world alike, saw as an enemy to the human race, which caused Americans to unify in their efforts to fight in the battle. In contrast, US military actions in Vietnam were not fully backed by the American public or American allies, in which caused many people from the country to lose trust and faith in America. Wars have points that define them. In WWII, it was the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, which rallied a nation to come together and fight, citizens and soldiers alike. Where as, Vietnam it was the Gulf of Tonkin with North Vietnam, which left many Americans, and soldiers both, confused by the confrontation and unsure of what actions should be taken by their government. Both attacks prompted American officials to make decisions concerning the use of military force, but in each case the attacks appealed differently to American leaders and the American public. In the time period between the two wars the United States military had desegregated its forces. For the first time, African American and white soldiers fought on the front lines together and slept in the same barracks and this caused many African American soldiers to think about the Army differently. Although the

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