American Well Case Study

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Case Study: American Well Team Edition
Jennifer Zelensky
Marylhurst University MBA Program
Portland, Oregon

American Well, founded by brothers Ido and Roy Schoenberg in 2006, has created an Online Care system that allows consumers to connect with physicians from their homes or offices (Ofek and Laufer, 2011). In April 2010, American Well introduced a new product, Team Edition, which leveraged the existing Online Care system to bring live, on-demand specialist care consults into primary care physicians’ exam rooms. The new product also introduced the Online Medical Home capability that enables multi-disciplinary clinical collaboration around a given patient. Ido Schoenberg stated in a press release for Team
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Many other health insurers follow The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). This barrier can be at least partially overcome if American Well leverages its existing relationships with health insurance networks. Otherwise, without a clear mechanism for reimbursement, it will be challenging to develop a robust specialist network. The carrot for insurance companies is that telemedicine is still less expensive than paying a PCP and a specialist for traditional visits.
Another barrier is technology. According to an article in Executive Healthcare, rural and elderly populations have less access to broadband structures (Pryke, 2013). The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states that up to 70 percent of clinicians outside the metropolitan districts do not currently have access to broadband structures and have to pay three to four times more than their urban counterparts (Pryke, 2013).
Promising new market opportunities
American Well has also been considering the following new market opportunities: (1) developing online kiosks for Retail Clinics1; (2) Expanding American Well platform to pharmacy chains; (3) expanding internationally; or (4) explore the software’s applications beyond the healthcare industry – legal or accounting services as examples.
Developing kiosks for Retail Clinics would require more development capital and represent a new business segment that would require new resources.
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