Case Analysis of American Well

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ONLINE CARE AND ITS POTENTIAL  Communication : The Interaction between the Doctor and Patient can be immensely improved , where the patient can provide their feedback , acknowledgment and condition via email instead of scheduling new appointment  Choice of Doctors: The Patients can choose which doctors want to be seen there by giving them an option to pick doctors of their choice based on their experience and reviews  Second Opinion: The patient can take an immediate second opinion if in case of doubt. There by eliminating ones cynicism about their illness  Social Stigma: The concept of Social stigma is completely removed as customer can have privacy as he can book the appointment meet the doctor from
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The cycle time is the time from the initial visit to Follow-up.  Medical licensing barriers: The limited access of physicians to practice in a particular state can be relieved with Team Edition. Any Specialist form any area can login and check for the patient’s NEGATIVES  PCP Reference to a particular specialist may not be available there by choosing different specialist who PCP may not have worked or dealt with  The Revenue for local Specialist may reduce due to breach in medical licensing barriers.

AMERICAN WELL NEW MARKET OPPORTUNITIES The various market opportunities for American well are listed as per the priority  Online Kiosk: The patients can enter their preliminary information on the Hospitals Kiosks instead of waiting idle. The information that shared can be useful to the doctors on narrowing down the symptoms and treatment. There by increasing the efficiency of the physician and better treatment for patients  International Expansion: American well can expand the concept of E care over the horizon there by providing healthcare facilities to remote destinations and catering to international markets. Since healthcare industry is most prominent throughout the world Expanding would better investments  Online Pharmacy: The digitalizing pharmacy is trivial as many will have questions on how to take medicines its side effects due to the social stigma associated most of them just keep quiet to take the prescribed medicine and then come
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