Americare Case Study

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what’s being seen on the surface of americare isn’t necessary being preached. On Americare’s website it states “At AmeriCares, you will work with smart and compassionate colleagues, be eligible for good benefits, and be a part of a mission driven culture.” Now the customers and co-workers took to topix to give their options on how the culture of Americare truly operates. From what was found, there is a larger majority of people who are fed up with the poor service, pay roll, and even management of Americare. There are also people like Kristina Walton who had this to say “most people who are complaining it’s just a job for them and they don't see the reward of helping an elderly person who has no one else to do so for them”. From the blog post there is a lot of mixed options regarding Americare and how it is currently being ran. A potential suggestion to alleviate further induction that americare is run by money grabbing, and cheaply paid employees, the organization could have a more in tuned ear with what the employees have discrepancies about in their work environment. With this the voices of those whom work under Americare would be taken into consideration, in which could lead to an equal and …show more content…

Who I’m assigned to work with all contributes with a greater goal of building connections with the people you work with. The team I’m assigned to consists of my two classmates Sharah Daley and Lajoya Satberry. These two alone make an amazing team seeing their chemistry together, and even applying gamification in how why work. I tend to try my best an everything I do even if I’m new to the project, in a since I am new to media and communications all together so I feel it’s my job to become better so I can keep up and learn so I can always have an input on anything that comes my way. To secure this I’ve contacted both of my class mates to make sure we will always have a way to get in contact with one

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