America's Failure to Join the League of Nations Essay

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America entered World War One in 1917. America and the President, Woodrow Wilson, were horrified by the destruction that had taken place in such a humane part of the world. The only way to avoid a repeat of such a disaster was to create an international committee whose purpose was to prevent wars by maintaining world peace. This would be the task of the League of Nations. Woodrow Wilson was the creator of the League of Nations in his Fourteen Points Speech. This was ironic because the United States failed to join the League of Nations. This can be seen in the US delegations in Paris, the Congressional election of 1918, Article X, Wilson's conflict with republican senators and his problem with compromising, the Americans that didn't agree …show more content…

Wilson made a compromise whereby Japan kept Germany's economic holdings in Shandong and he said he would return the peninsula to China at a later date. The Chinese were outraged. Wilson realized that all of these compromises caused for injustices in the League of Nations, but he was hoping that this League would even out with good for America, which would have strong say in the League. When he returned home to get final say from America he was again hit hard by the senators. Wilson felt that strong support from Congress, especially in the senate, would be important with bargaining with European powers in the upcoming negotiations. The voters elected republican power in Congress in the Congressional elections of 1918. Wilson had enjoyed majority in both houses for his first two years in congress so in October of 1918 Wilson issued an appeal to the voters claiming he wanted to keep a Democratic majority in the both the senate and the House of Representatives. The Republicans became very angry saying that they had actually been more supportive of Wilson's war plans than his own party had. The voters responded with a fifty-seat majority in the House and a two-seat majority in the

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