Amir's Relationship In The Kite Runner

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Amir: He is the narrator of the book. He is the son of Baba. He loves his dad so much and he wants to be loved by him. He lives in Afghanistan, in the events later in the book, he moves to America with his dad. He gets jealous of his best friend, Hassan. Although he is kind and nice, the jealousy prompts him to do some bad things. His mother died whilst giving birth to him. Because of this he feels a great loss in his life and he throws himself into poetry and writing.

Hassan: He is the best friend and also half-brother of Amir. He is rejected by his mother. He is selfless, he always thinks of others before himself. He is loyal he always defends Amir and he never develops a grudge against him even though Amir betrays to him.

Baba: He is the
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