Amish Rites Of Passage : Rumspringa

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Amish rite of passage: Rumspringa

Does the event meet the definition of a rite of passage?
Demonstrate how the event meets all three stages of a rite of passage
Describe the ritualistic symbols associated with the rite of passage
Describe the purpose of the rite of passage from three perspectives: anthropologist, sociologist and psychologist
Briefly compare/contrast how the rite of passage has changed over time

1. Rite of Passage Definition
A ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone's life, especially birth, puberty, marriage, and death.

Rumspringa is a ceremony where the Amish youth turn 16 and are finally able to enjoy, the term refers to a limbo period in every Amish life when they are entering adulthood. During Rumspringa, they are encouraged to enjoy whatever pleasures they like. The purpose of this period is to give Amish youth the opportunity to see and experience the world beyond their own culture. Returning to their community and way of life after they experience the rest of the world is entirely their choice. Those who return are then baptized and become committed members of the Amish church and community, marking the end of Rumspringa.

2. The three stages

Separation: When Amish teenagers turn 16, the teenagers are free from parental control and because they aren’t baptized yet, they don’t follow the rules from the church because they have not pledged submission to the church. They essentially have freedom to try out new things and

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