Amy Winehouse Consequences

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Tyler Drew English 152-026 Dr. Mark Waters April, 20th, 2017
The Consequences
When turning 21, it didn’t have the same meaning for me, as it did for most of the 20 year olds, for others it was about being able to legally drink and going to the bar, it was finally legal. For me it was just another birthday. I didn’t care about being legal to drink, it was nothing special and I blame it on my family, for why I think this way, growing up with them had caused me not to want to drink because I knew how I felt, and knew I never wanted to end up like that, I always told myself, That I will NEVER ever be like that. I just didn’t care to drink, because always having to take care of them, and watch them was never fun. So how and why would I want to end …show more content…

She lost her life in 2011, due to alcohol poisoning. Because of her excessive amounts of drinking. Before her death in 2011, she had won 5 grammy awards, for her 2006 album back to the black, she had gotten addicted to alcohol back then, and then she had died at the very young age of, 27. She was a beautiful and amazing woman. She not only had risked it all, but she also lost it all due to the addiction of alcohol then lost everything to alcohol poisoning. Those are only 2 of the very very many people who including famous people who had lost it all and lost everything they had. Or even died because of this sick and nasty very nasty, illness. I am going to explain the difference between Alcoholism .VS. Alcohol Abuse .VS. Alcohol Dependence!
Alcoholism ; Is an addiction to the consumption of any alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependancy (AUD!)
Alcohol Abuse; Is drinking WAY too much, and WAY too often, without the wanting to …show more content…

They all lead to the misuse of alcohol. Which eventually leads to the failure of responsibilities, says . They do research on alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and lastly alcohol dependence. According to the NCADD, both Alcohol Abuse, and Alcohol Dependence, that genetics, are associated with the risk of Inheriting alcohol problems of some sort.. Alcoholism from a family member, A family with a parent or siblings, with alcoholism is 3-4 times more likely to become an alcoholic themselves. Factors can include Social, Cultural, And Behavioral Influences, and lastly hereditary. The last source that I have used is, alcohol is used as a depressant. It stimulates a nerve, in the brain. Which leads you to become dependant on the alcohol. A person is affected by the amount of alcohol assumed, not by the type of alcohol beer vs wine, that is not any safer than drinking hard liquor. They simply only contain less alcohol per ounce, that is all. It really depends on how much someone actually drinks of each drink, and how quickly you drink the

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