An Age Of Devastation That Has Destroyed The Heritage And Spiritual Beliefs Of The Aboriginal Peoples Of Canada

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The dictatorship of colonialism began an age of devastation that has destroyed the heritage and spiritual beliefs of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada. As British colonists arrived to present day Canada, they began a revolution that altered the Aboriginals’ civilization forever. As the European settlers invaded the Aboriginal land in search for settlement and profit, the First Nations’ rights were brutally ignored and suppressed, while they were forced to withdraw from their territory. The dominating race of the British demoralized the values of the First Nations’ peoples, as well as obliterated the Aboriginal way of life, which has been maintain and passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. The ferocious actions of the Canadian government also lead to several horrific outcomes for the Aboriginal population such as genocide and poverty in the 19th century. Aboriginal peoples have been brutally mistreated by the Canadian Government as they were evicted out of their land, forced to assimilate into British culture while their population was eliminated.
The Indian Act of 1876 did not meet the needs of the Aboriginal peoples who were forced to withdraw their territory and assimilate into British culture. The initial purpose of the Act was to set laws regarding Indian status, bands and reserves. The act defined Aboriginals as “children” or “wards of the state” who were encouraged to abandon their Indian status to become “persons” and abolish their

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