An Age Of Expansion

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Several aspects of this weeks reading were very interesting to learn about. I found the “An Age of Expansion” section to be eye opening after reading it. We learn about the 19th century and how it was a time of national extension, as the United States spread across the continent. The derivation of industrialization took place during the 19th century, where the volume of goods increased rapidly and the gap between the rich a poor widened drastically. What I found to be most noteworthy was the rapid growth of the U.S. population during that time. It’s hard to grasp the fact that “ . . . the population grew geometrically, increasing from 5.3 million to about 75 million over the span of the century” (Rury 59). This generates so many questions and makes me wonder a lot of things. First of all, how were towns and cities able to accommodate and make room for the addition of millions of citizens? It’s clear that the United States was no longer “a slender string of settlements extending along the Atlantic coastline; instead it was the largest economy and perhaps the most powerful nation in the world (Rury 59). The expansion of our markets, factories shaped and formed our nation in addition to the waves of settlers who came here.

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He noted that a single teacher could oversee large numbers of children while utilizing older students as monitors for the young. The Lancastrian system also demanded strict discipline and order among the students. I appreciate the fact that students were given medals and prizes for their achievement, which resulted in competition among the students. It seems as if these little incentives would motivate students to work harder. Overall, this weeks reading providing a great insight as to how the industrial revolution developed the nation and what effect education had on all of the

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