An Analysis Of David Heyman And The Harry Potter Film Franchise

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David Heyman and the Harry Potter Film Franchise
FTV 434
Taylor Grewe
December 11, 2013 The role of a producer in the filmmaking process involves financial and technical responsibilities, as well as creative responsibilities. As the industry evolved, producers were typically associated with the financial and technical side of filmmaking, more so than the creative side. However, in the last three decades, more and more producers are being recognized for their creative involvement (Pardo 2). In 1997, David Heyman, a British film producer, discovered the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling (McNary). Almost immediately, Heyman began working to secure the film rights, having no idea that he was embarking on a project that, according to IMDb, would become the highest grossing film franchise in history (IMDb). His creative involvement, on the production of the films, stems from the fact that he truly loves the Harry Potter book series. The success of the franchise had much to do with what can be referred to as the “Potter formula”: Heyman’s direct involvement in the novel to film adaption process, his decision to work with a team of Potter fans, many of which returned to work on all 8 installments, and his careful selection of directors who shared his vision. This “Potter Unit” of returning cast and crew members included writer Steve Kloves, production designer Stuart Craig, the majority of cast members, as well as many more. Having produced all

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