Knapp's Development Model Of When Harry Met Sally

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When Harry Met Sally
This are steps Harry and Sally took in their relationship. Harry and Sally first meet while traveling from Chicago to New York. Harry like Sally when he meets first but Sally does like him and ask him can. They be friend Harry does like that idea he says they could not be friends.
They both met each other well boing college. This model is Knapp’s Developmental model.
Harry see Sally after five years of that they traveling they did. Harry see Sally with her boyfriend and their kiss. Harry about to get marry to his wife. Harry know Sally boyfriend and act he don’t know Sally and act like they never met each other before. Harry emotion because he sees Sally kiss her boyfriend. Sally emotion because Harry act like he doesn’t know. Knapp’s
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They talk about what happen tell each other should of happen and they still should be friends. It was imacty because they had sex and emotion. Harry came over to be there for his friend she was in her feeling about her ex-boyfriend. They both felt bad they slept together and it would affect their relationship. The Knapp’s developments model Sally and Harry relationship had gone bad at this point they had slept together and stop talking to each other for a while because they had done something that had mess up their relationship up as friends,
Harry and Sally didn’t know they belong together and to see each other after years and becoming friends. Haggling out and being there for one of another when they need to be there. Harry and
Sally new how other one feels about relationship’s and what they both went through in there.
Harry and Sally had a lot things incoming and didn’t see themselves into the end. They know they both love each other and couldn’t be with anybody else or see themselves with anybody else. Harry and Sally didn’t know years later down the road they were going to see each other or be with each other and fall in love with each other. The Knapp’s development model Harry
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