An Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House

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What was the roles of women in A Doll’s House By Henrik Ibsen? "A Doll 's House", a play by Henrik Ibsen. In this play, Ibsen talks about the roles of (community of people/all good people in the world) and how women was treated at the time. From this play you can watch,notice,celebrate,obey what Ibsen believed about the roles of (community of people or all good people in the world), state where all things are equal between males and females, and the idea of the way of thinking that demands that women and men are treated equally. "A Doll 's House" is actually a play where one can see how things were at the time and what Ibsen himself believed about the central issue. Nora Helmer, the main character, tries to to (accomplish or gain with effort) the perfect ideal that is set before her by the contexts of her (community of people/all good people in the world) and her husband, Torvald. She is a direct contrast with the other female characters presented in Ibsen 's "A Dollhouse". Nora herself is trapped within the "dollhouse" that is her physical home.Torvald, her husband, has built a wonderful little life for his wonderful doll wife, and their wonderful dolly children. Nora 's (happening sometime in the future) change comes later as she discovers her role in the dollhouse (community of people/all good people in the world) forced upon her and the (without hope/very upset) need to get out, at any cost. While Nora is the main character and our main character, there are other
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