An Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen 's A Dollhouse

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The Story A Dollhouse, by Henrik Ibsen is a story that portrays the role of Nora, a middle class mother and her husband Helmer Torvald and the drama within their marriage. The Christmas tree could be considered a symbol in the play because of its general representation of family unity and happiness during the holidays. But as it goes on, we see the tree and how the stripping of it foreshadows another layer of meaning. Along with the Christmas tree, the macaroons in the play symbolize nora’s defiance towards her husband because she was not allowed to eat them. The tarantella, a dance that is full of passion can be more specifically a symbol of nora’s yerning desire to please her husband. Then there is the doll, symbol of beauty and something that can be easily controlled and broken. It can be inferred for this to describe Nora throughout the play based on the control Torvald has over her. Moreover, because the symbols of the Christmas tree, the macaroons, the tarantella, and the doll we see another layer added to the play that foreshadows the outcome of the play.
The Christmas tree is something mentioned every so often in the play, one can see the significance of the tree based on what is occurring during the time it is brought up. In the beginning of the play Nora insists on hiding the Christmas tree so no one can see it. Based on this we can see how it foreshadows the secrets to come later in the play. Nora: “Hide the Christmas tree carefully, Helen. Be sure the children…
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