An Analysis Of Loraine Hansberry 's A Raisin And The Sun

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Taneka Butts March 30, 2017 African American Literature Professor Tavel Family Importance Where would we be without our family? In our everyday lives, we get so caught up, we sometimes take our families for granted each day. Mothers, Fathers, siblings, step children, step parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents or any other combination of those characters all build up to make the structure of family. No matter if it’s immediate or extended family, no one family is perfect, no matter how we would like to pretend our family to be. Apart of every family, there is the alcoholic, the gambler, the dreamer, the drug attic, the war veteran, the pretender, the criminal, the mentally challenged and so on that exist one form or another.…show more content…
Sometimes, women believe we have a sixth sense about things and would like to prevent setbacks from happening, but a man must be a man sometimes and find out in his own. Walter also argues with his mother about giving him part of the insurance check so he will be able to have a respectable career. Beneatha who is Walter younger sister, she is outspoken and has different views on how or what a woman should represent. Beneatha dreams to go to school and become a doctor. While Walter does not seem to believe Beneatha should be a doctor, he says to her, “If you so crazy about messing around with sick people, then go be a nurse like other women” or just be quiet and get married” (481). In that quote, Walter was implying that women are only suitable to be supportive to men. Lena, known as Mama wants Walter to be the man of the house, but won’t allow him to be a man because she herself is the women of the house. Mama finally realizes that everyone else, including herself, was not giving Walter the opportunity to be a man therefore, she gave him part of the insurance money and says” it aint much, but it’s all I got in the world and I’m putting it in your hands” (509). I think letting someone else take charge of something that is valued so much is an extremely tough decision, but we as humans must that chance. In addition to the roles of gender roles being a factor to the importance of family, each member of the Younger family has

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