An Analysis Of My Life

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I grew up in an eccentric corner house. Its walls were a faded shade of pink, its yard occupied by rocks where the rest of the neighborhood had a plot of plush grass. Our “lawn” was instead adorned by a date palm tree and a cement donkey statue. But it was the tall, spindly weeds that invaded the concrete and crept out from between cracks in the sidewalk that always grabbed the household’s attention.
It seemed as though my mother spent day after day hunched over, trying to eradicate the pesky invaders but always to no avail. Although it would appear for a brief moment after treatment that they had finally been suppressed, those weeds would always inevitably pop back up with what seemed to be a vigor that only gained momentum each time they …show more content…

I am stubborn to a fault, painfully humble, and fiercely independent, which makes it a challenge just to ask for help when I cannot provide for myself. Getting on track with further education required help (and lots of it), as my single mother was left financially ruined after a long chain of spousal toxicity.
But one day during class, I was notified to stop by the counselor’s office immediately. As I climbed the carpeted stairs up to the second floor of the office complex, I remember the gnawing feeling of not knowing what to expect.
When I entered the room, the counselor and I quickly got through the necessary salutations before she sat me down and asked, “Where do you want to go to high school?”. Caught off guard, I gave the only honest response I had to offer: “I don’t know.” I was surrounded by affluent classmates who did not have to worry about finances as a determining factor in which school they were going to attend, and I did not have that peace of mind. I did, however, have an attitude of hard work, self-discipline, and perseverance which fueled my record of academic success. For the longest time, that steady dedication I supplied seemed to go unnoticed. But I was never happier to be wrong. The counselor bluntly told me that I could go wherever I wanted. I could choose any school within reason, and I wouldn’t have to worry about tuition or other expenses related to receiving a proper education. So I weighed

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